Sunday, June 24, 2012

Project #10 Personal Learning Network Progress

Below you can see that my Personal Learning Network is just getting started; however, I believe I am finding many great resources that I can use now and in the future. EDM 310 has given me a great base to build my network off of. As I watch different videos and follow different blogs, I discover other pages and people to follow. One resource I have found very helpful is the blog What Ed Said by Edna Sackson. This was the first blog I was assigned for C4T. Ms. Sackson always responds to my comments, and I feel she will be a great resource for years to come.

I chose to use Symbaloo to layout my personal learning network. After setting up some of the sites that I use often, I was able to search for and discover other helpful links. One website I have found is TeacherTube. It is a great source for videos, photos, and many other things. I look forward to finding many other useful links to add to my personal learning network.

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