Sunday, June 24, 2012

Project #3 C4T #2

Mr. Robbo- The P.E. Geek

Top Apps for PE Teachers- Part 15

I have really enjoyed reading the blog Mr. Robbo- The P.E. Geek. Jarrod is a physical education teacher from Australia with a passion for technology in teaching. His first post that I had the opportunity of reading was a list of apps that can be used for physical education and their descriptions. He talks about many useful apps such as the sprintstart, which enables users to measure their sprint start reaction time from the starting blocks, and slopro, the easiest way to produce slow motion videos that explore movement and sports action in any context.

I commented on his post and thanked him for sharing these apps. I shared with him that my favorite suggestion was the actionshot app. This app is not only one I can use in my classroom, but at the dance school I teach for as well. I look forward to reading more as he post other useful apps for teachers.

screen shot from the sprintstart app

I'm Just a Teacher & I've Just Made an App

In Mr. Robbo's second post, he discusses how he had the opportunity to present at the ICTEV state conference. His session was entitled "I'm Just A Teacher and I've Made an App." He shares the video of his presentation at the conference. In the video he discusses the difficult routes and the easy routes to creating an app. There are websites such as and that walk you through how to create an app, and simply allow you to enter the information you would like included in your app. Your app can contain things such as links to videos, contacts, maps and even calendars. These apps are what they call web apps so they are available not only on iPhones, but will work with windows and androids as well.

I commented on his post thanking him for sharing this information. I would definitely be interested in creating an app for my classroom or even my school one day. I had no idea how easy it could be to create and app and his video walks you through it step by step.

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  1. Very good. I am going to look up the app making blogs right now!

    Well, the app builder URL takes you to an ad for an agency that builds apps. Not at all like I thought from what you have written.

    The ibuildapp does appear to work as you have said.

    Something from this will make it into the assignments next semester. Thanks.