Monday, July 16, 2012

Final Report on PLN

little bird holding a twitter sign
It is amazing to me how far my personal learning network has come in just the few weeks that make up the summer semester. When I first started this class I believed my self to be pretty efficient on the computer; however, I learned very quickly that I was wrong. I knew how to work a computer, yes, but I had no idea of all the ways I could use technology in my classroom.

When I started this class, I did not even have a twitter account and now it is probably my favorite tool. I have built a great base of people I follow that have some wonderful ideas for the classroom. When it came time to do Blog Post #12, I knew exactly where to go to get good ideas. I found a post about up and coming tools that every teacher should know about. I followed it to find a website full of incredible sites and resources for teachers. I feel like the main difference in my first report on my PLN and this final report is for the first report I was really beginning to build my PLN, but now I really learning to put it to use. I know that it will continue to grow and will be a huge resource in my future.

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