Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project #13

picture of courtney, emily, and makenzie
For project 15, we were asked to prepare a group presentation video using the Smartboard. The hard part was that we were not allowed to meet face-to-face to plan our presentation. Fortunately, our group keeps a constant group text going so not meeting wasn't too much of a problem. As we were trying to decide what lesson we wanted to teach, we also took advantage of face-time, which is a video chat on the iPhones. Since all three of us are elementary education majors, we decided we would teach a kindergarten lesson on patterns.

As the project progressed we decided to use Google Docs to create our lesson and share it between the three of us. We each created two slides for our type of patterns: one explaining the pattern and one quizzing the students on the pattern. Once the final presentation was complete, we met in the lab to record our lesson on the Smartboard.

Although we could have just met in the lab and put the project together, learning to collaborate with others without meeting face-to-face was a valuable lesson. Using tools such as face-time, Google Docs, and Skype opens many doors for collaboration with teachers all over the world.

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